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How to get a PhD

Scholarship Types

If you are considering a PhD scholarship, there are different ways to go in order to be admitted as a PhD student. Below you can see some of the different possibilities of how to become a PhD student at the Faculty of Humanities at Aalborg University.

Different roads to PhD Scholarships:

  1. Announced scholarship
  2. As part of Research Project
  3. Industrial PhD
  4. Tuition Fee Scholarship
  5. Self-financed admission

1. Announced PhD Fellowship

From time to time, fully funded PhD fellowships are announced by the Faculty of Humanities. The funding for these fellowships will cover both enrolment fee and salary for the PhD student.

2. Part of Research Project

Another way to get a fully funded PhD scholarship is by getting included in research project, headed by a senior researcher at the Faculty of Humanities. PhD projects can be integrated as part of a research project and funding can thus be secured through a research application to a funding organization such as e.g. Forskningsrådet for Kultur og Kommunikation, Det Strategiske Forskningsråd or to a private fond.
In order to be included in a research project, you have to contact a senior researcher within your field of study to discuss your project and your qualifications.

Visit the websites of the three departments under the Faculty of Humanities to find relevant researchers:

3. Industrial PhD

An Industrial PhD project is an industrially focused PhD project where the student is hired by a company and enrolled at a university at the same time. The company will provide part of the funding and the rest is covered by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

More about the Industrial PhD at the website of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science

4. Tuition Fee Scholarship

The Doctoral School of the Humanities offers a number of tuition fee scholarships each year. This implies that the tuition fee is paid jointly by the doctoral school and the doctoral programme. If you are granted a tuition fee scholarship, you are not employed by the university, and therefore you receive no salary. Thus, you are affiliated as a student only.

5. Self-financed admission

Since the number of positions and scholarships is limited, you also have the possibility of becoming a self-financed independent PhD student. This implies no employment and therefore no salary from the university.


Introduction to PhD

The Doctoral School of the Humanities at Aalborg University offers PhD education through 6 doctoral programmes in accordance with Ministerial Order No. 18 of 14th January 2008 on PhD programmes at the Universities.

The PhD programme qualifies students to engage in research, partly through work with their project and partly through participation in courses. These two elements constitute the core of the PhD programme together with a requirement of research communication.

The three-year PhD programme comprises the following elements:

  • Independent research
  • Writing of a PhD thesis based on own research
  • Course activities corresponding to 30 ECTS credits
  • Involvement in active research environments both at the Faculty of Humanities and externally
  • Communication activities, including teaching and other forms of knowledge dissemination
  • Thesis defence
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