Study Board

On this page, you will find information about the study board of the Doctoral School of the Humanities, including agendas and minutes from board meetings.

Organisation of the Doctoral School of the Humanities

The PhD study board makes recommendations to the director of the doctoral school regarding the internal rules of the doctoral school, evaluations of the PhD programme and supervision. It is also the responsibility of the PhD study board to make recommendations to the dean regarding all matters of significance to PhD education and supervision.
The PhD study board must approve PhD courses, applications for credit transfer and make recommendations regarding the composition of assessment committees.

The PhD students and each doctoral programme are represented in the board. The following are members of the PhD study board:


Christian Jantzen, director of HCCI (Chair)

Lars Birch Andreasen, director of Education, Learning and Philosophy

Brady Wagoner, director of Cultural Psychology

Hanne Mette O. Ridder, director of Music Therapy

Helene Pristed, ass. prof., Culture and Global Studies

Margrethe Bach Madsen, PhD Fellow, Music Therapy

Paul McIlvenny, director of Interdisciplinary discourse studies

Tilde Juul, PhD Fellow, Education, Learning and Philosophy

Secretary: Merete B. Rasmussen


Rules of procedure of the PhD study board

Contact information


Anette Therkelsen: +45 9940 9139


Mette Bjerring   0045 9940 9591
Merete B. Rasmussen  0045 9940 9593


Agendas and Minutes from Board Meetings


7 February Minutes
18 May Minutes
14 September Minutes
31 October Minutes
13 December Minutes