DELPHI is a network of Ph.D. students in Social Sciences and Humanities. Research assistants are also very welcome to take part in DELPHI's activities. Read more about DELPHI below.


DELPHI organises a range of exciting, inspiring and joyful activities dealing with topics both central and relevant to the PhD process. Examples of this could be a seminar on 'Better Presentations' by a guest lecturer or a workshop to learn how to use specific software by an invited instructor. The scope is extended to career after PhD studies as well, that has been partly realised in a career event with invited speakers who hold PhD degrees working outside academia. These different arrangements are usually a combination of professional and social content. The participants of seminars and workshops usually enjoy dinner or similar kinds of social gatherings afterwards and exchange their reflections and other thoughts in a cozy atmosphere.

There are also some seasonal events such as Christmas and summer parties. Usually, summer party is arranged on the same day as the General Assembly. The list is potentially endless and every member of DELPHI is encouraged to give input. Maybe your idea is not just interesting for you but for all the PhD students enrolled within Social Sciences and Humanities.

The board members of DELPHI consist of a chairperson and representatives from each department of the two faculties and from a subgroup in Copenhagen campus, P.H.I.S.K. The board members hold monthly meetings in which anyone interested can join. The agenda and minutes of meetings are shared through the PhD mailing list of each department. The representatives of DELPHI are expected to share information between DELPHI and the department he or she represents.

Besides, DELPHI communicates closely with two representatives at the boards of the doctoral schools to reflect upon wishes and expectations of all the PhD students within the faculties of Social Sciences and Humanities.

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DELPHI board members

  • Co-chair: Xinyue Zhou (Department of Business and Management)
  • Co-chair: Mikkel Jensen (CGS)
  • Department of Sociology and Social Work: -
  • Department of Political Science: Rasmus Ravn
  • Department of Business and Management: Anne Sig Vestergaard
  • Department of Culture and Global Studies: Stephanie Erlenbach
  • Department of Law: Marianne Hundahl Frandsen
  • Department of Learning and Philosophy: -
  • PHISK (CPH): Stella Maria Sieling
  • Department of Communication and Psychology: Karina Burgdorf Jensen
  • Accountant: Anne Sig Vestergaard (Department of Business and Management)